Hairdressers - 15th Arrondissement of Paris

The Haircut is a top-of-the-range hairdressing service available in Paris and especially in Paris 15 (Saint-Lambert, Necker, Grenelle, Javel), for quality men's haircuts. Our men hairdressers have been selected from among the best hairdressers in Paris and come with all the necessary equipment to perform hairdressing services at home adapted to your needs. Among all The Haircut professionals, here is the hairdresser that we recommand for hairdressing services in Paris 15.

Best Hairdresser for Paris 15 

Mobile Hairdresser Paris 15 - The Haircut

David - Mobile Hairdresser in Paris 15

David has been working for Jean-Claude Biguine, Coiffirst and abroad (Australia, Japan), so his experience allows him to adapt to any type of hair. David works mainly in the west of Paris, especially on Paris 15, with always the same customer satisfaction. David is one of the most requested hairdressers at The Haircut.