How it works


1. Choose your hairdresser at The Haircut

Our hairdressers can come to your home in Paris from 7am to 11pm, every day of the year, even on Sundays. Enter the date and time you would like to order a hairdresser to your home and choose from the pool of hairdressers the most suitable to you. Each of our hairdressers have been recruited for their skills and have been trained in our specificities. Their profiles allow you to better know them before making your choice, information about their years of experience, the fashion shows they have worked at and the reviews from clients at The Haircut. You can also consult the monthly ranking of the best hairdressers of Paris to help you decide!


2. Book your hairdresser and pay online

You can then book your hairdresser online directly. As soon as this is confirmed by the hairdresser, you will be notified. At any time, you can contact your hairdresser to ask him about his methods, describe your expectations for your haircut or simply tell him how he will be able to access your place. If you want to order several cuts, you can benefit from our group deals, which starts from 2 haircuts!


3. Relax and enjoy your haircut at home!

Your hairdresser will arrive at the indicated place on time. You just have to let him do his job and make the most out of this moment of relaxation. Once your haircut has been completed, the hairdresser cleans and re-arranges the place the way it initially was so that you can resume your day peacefully.