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Client: means the User of the Site who wishes to make a Reservation for a Home Hairdresser's Service at one of the Private Hairdressers who offer their services on the Site.

Private hairdresser: refers to a hairdresser who moves to the clients' home, or to any other place where hairdressing can be carried out (hotels, offices, workplaces, places of cure ...), and which offers its services Through the Site and its platform. Home Hairstyling Services may only be carried out by qualified persons, that is to say holders of hairdressing CAP, or diploma or qualification approved or registered at the time of its issue to the National Register of Professional Certification in the same Area that CAP hairstyle and an equal or higher level. The Haircut Private Hairdressers are selected after several interviews with our teams and a series of tests. To apply, hairdressers should contact us at recrutement@thehaircut.com or apply for a Hairdresser Account.

Coiffure à Domicile: means the practice of hairdressing by a professional who operates without a fixed installation of equipment, at the domicile of individuals or in any other place where hairdressing may be practiced (hotels, offices, workplaces, places of priest...). The practice of Hairdressing at Home is regulated (see definition of the Private Hairdresser).

Client Account: means the account created by Users who wish to become Clients and which allows them to apply for Hairdressing Services from the Private Hairdressers present on the Site. Personal information is requested to create this Client Account in order to effectively connect the Customer and the Private Hairdressers: identity of the Client, ways to contact him, preferences on the Services sought ...

Hairdresser Account: refers to the account created by Hairdressing Professionals who wish to become Hairdressers on the Site. In addition to the legal obligations to practice Hairdressing, the Hairdressers are committed to respecting the Charter of the Site concerning the Hairdressing services, in particular in terms of professionalism, presentation, hygiene and punctuality.

Service charges: means the costs invoiced by the Site to cover, among other things, the costs of payment, management of the Site, accommodation ... these costs are described in these General Conditions of Service (Article 11, Below) and are modifiable by The Haircut at any time, applicable as soon as they are published, but without affecting the Reservation requests previously made by the Clients.

Service: means the Hairdressing Service offered by a Private Hairdresser on the Site. The Services are offered at a rate fixed by the Hairdresser and accepted by the Client at the time of the payment. All services are inclusive of tax and no additional fees can be requested by the Private Hairdresser during the performance of a Benefit. Article 8 of these General Service Conditions defines precisely the normal conditions in which these services must take place.

Reservation: means a request for a Service from a Customer that has been validated by the Private Hairdresser. The contract between the Client and the Private Hairdresser is concluded only when the Private Hairdresser validates the request made by the Client, before that one speaks of Request for Reservation. This Reservation Request can be canceled at any time by the Customer without incurring any cost for the Customer. After validation by the Private Hairdresser, the Booking may be canceled by the Client or the Private Hairdresser according to the conditions defined in articles 8 and 9 of the present General Conditions of Service.

Site: means the whole or part of the website www.thehaircut.com, developed and managed by The Haircut SAS. By extension, may designate The Haircut and its management of the website www.thehaircut.com.

User: means any person navigating the Site for any reason whatsoever, whether or not he wishes to become a Client or a Private Hairdresser. Any Client or Private Hairdresser remains a User.

Legal Notice

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