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Regarding your barber:

Please note: This barber speaks French.

As a personal hairdresser at The Haircut, I offer my haircutting, hairstyling and barber services to all in Paris. I am also a studio hairdresser and educator for up-and-coming professional hairdressers. I take pleasure in creating unique and trendy hairstyles, tailored to the needs of my clients, and my work is regularly published in beauty and lifestyle publications like Biblond and Estetica, among others.

Whether you want to try a new, trendy cut or you prefer something classic, I am the in-home hairdresser and barber for you!

For an optimal haircut experience:

- My facial hair services include trimming and shaping the beard and mustache areas, but no shaving.
- For the best haircut possible, do not forget to have clean hair: washed the morning of your appointment or the day before and without the presence of hair products like gel, wax or lacquer.
- The haircut should take place in a suitable space and on a cleanable floor (no carpeting).

  • Image consultant
  • LVL 3 Dipl.
  • Barber
  • Freelance

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