Hairdresser for modern and traditional styles

  • Certified Barber

  • Beard Option

  • 15

    Years of experience

Regarding your barber:

Please note: This barber speaks French.

I am very passionate about my job and have worked for many large companies, such as Saint Lucia. For each haircut and facial hair service, I pay close attention to detail and can perform haircuts of all styles, from the most classic to the most modern. My goal is always to prioritize my clients’ needs and expectations, while offering the best advice and craftsmanship possible.

My services include a full consultation, haircare advice, facial hair shaping, trimming and shaving, and full haircuts of any style.

For an optimal haircut experience:

- For the best haircut possible, do not forget to have clean hair: washed the morning of your appointment or the day before and without the presence of hair products like gel, wax or lacquer.
- The haircut should take place in a suitable space and on a cleanable floor (no carpeting).

  • LVL 2 Dipl.
  • Traditional Barber
  • Lucie Saint Clair
  • Jean-Marc Maniatis
  • Hair Salon Manager

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